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Amercian Legion Coastside Post 474
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American Legion Coastside Fireworks
Mission Statement

The American Legion is a service organization for Veterans and their families dedicated to patriotism and community service.

Independence Day, the 4th of July, symbolizes these elements by honoring those who serve, defend and maintain our Nationís independence, by providing an opportunity for Americans to publicly demonstrate their patriotism, and by bringing communities together with a common goal:

    the celebration of our Nationís birthday.

Coastside Post 474 recognizes a need in the collective Coastside community for a managing entity to bring an annual celebratory fireworks display to the Coastside.

The goal of the American Legion is to provide a framework for grassroots community involvement in the annual Coastside Fireworks event. To fulfill this mission, Coastside Post 474 of the American Legion will:

    1. Solicit the cooperative efforts of other local entities, including local government, businesses, fraternal organizations, youth organizations, and others.
    2. Develop a plan for fundraising. This may include advertising, solicitation of local businesses and individuals, placement of contribution containers, and other activities.
    3. Provide continuing oversight and audit of fundraising activities to assure accountability of individuals and organizations involved.
    4. Obtain appropriate permits and insurance coverage for the event.
This effort is consistent with the American Legionís participation in the Half Moon Bay Fourth of July Parade and the sponsorship of the Old-Fashioned 4th of July Town Picnic held annually at Post 474 in Princeton.

Contact Information
Chairperson: Bob Resch
Secretary/Treasurer: Harry Ysselstein

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